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Laws and regulations in Colorado

Water has always been a hot-button issue in rural Colorado, from complex water rights history to restrictions on harvesting rainwater that falls on your property. It’s a vital resource that is invaluable to everyone, and it has to be protected for the benefit of future generations.

As of July 2009, the Colorado Legislature has provided a way for rural Colorado residents to capture rainwater from their rooftops.

Now every time it rains, you can catch, store and use the rainwater that falls every year, saving you money and the hassle of trucking in hundreds of gallons of water annually.

With the passage of the State of Colorado Senate Bill 09-080, Colorado residents that can obtain a well permit, or residents that have a current well permit, can capture rainwater for ordinary household purposes, fire protection, the watering of poultry, domestic animals and livestock on farms or ranches, and the irrigation of on acre of gardens and lawns. This is great news for rural Coloradoans.

Now using rainwater as a supplement for a low-producing well or to water the lawn and garden is a viable option for those who choose to do it.


Senate Bill 09-080

Concerning limited exemptions for water collection from certain residential Rooftops
Download.PDF (Source: http://www.leg.state.co.us)

House Bill 09-1129

Concerning an authorization of pilot projects for the beneficial use of captured precipitation in new real estate developments
Download.PDF (Source: http://www.leg.state.co.us)

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