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Product Specs

Product Code:
RHO-000-300 - Kit only
RHO-000-301 - Installed on Cistern

$742.50 - Kit only
$883.50 - Installed on Cistern

Optional Liftout Handle Extension

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Graf Optimax Pro® Internal Filter Package

Internal self-cleaning cascade filter for underground cisterns and above-ground water tanks.

Suitable for roof areas up to 3,750 sq. ft. Only one cover in the yard.

Package includes:

  1. Optimax Pro® Internal Cascade Filter
  2. Inflow pipe with Calming Inlet
  3. Overflow siphon with rodent guard
  4. Spannfix pipe connection sleeve

This filter requires a manway diameter of at least 24" for inlet and outlet clearance. The filter overflow needs to directly connect to the overflow siphon.

Additional Included components:

Optimum cleaning performance with maximum water yield

  • Filter specially developed for rain water harvesting
  • Patented filter technology
  • Low maintenance; self cleaning
  • TÜV safety-tested
  • Space saving filter technology integrated in the tank
  • Can be installed on top of above-ground tanks
  • Filter housing can be removed without tools to inspect tank
  • Transparent cover for easy maintenance
  • 4” PVC connections
  • Only 6.5” height offset between inlet and outlet
  • Optimum cleaning performance with maximum water yield
  • Provides over 95% water yield