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Rainwater Filters

Product Specs

Product Code: RHO-000-504

Price: $52.43

Leaf Eater Dimensions:
Overall height: 11-3/8"
Maximum width: 10-3/4"
Maximum depth: 7-1/2"

Leaf Eater Rainhead

The ultimate high performance self-cleaning downspout filter...improves water quality and reduces tank maintenance.

By screening leaves onto the ground, the Leaf Eater prevents gutters from blocking and eliminates a fire hazard.

Leaves and debris that build up in gutters can be flammable and represent a significant fire risk. By screening leaves onto the ground, the Leaf Eater prevents gutters from blocking and eliminates a fire hazard.

A secondary stainless steel screen is included to keep mosquitoes and vermin out of downpipes in a "wet" system. With the removal of the secondary screen, the Leaf Eater is ideal for use purely as a debris removing device.

How it Works

As water flows from the gutters it carries leaves and small pieces of debris. The Leaf Eater incorporates a flow directional gutter outlet which allows an increased flow of water through the outlet making rainwater catchment even more efficient.

This increased volume of water is directed onto the face of the primary screen. This screen has a 7/32" aperture and is set at an angle of around 45°. This angled screen is self-cleaning and forces the leaves and debris away allowing the water to continue through towards the secondary screen.

The secondary stainless steel screen of 0.995mm aperture further filters the water and prevents mosquitoes and vermin from entering the pipe system to the water tank. Once the water passes through this insect proof screen it flows into the downpipes.


The Leaf Eater® is usually mounted directly under the roof gutter. A 6-5/8" x 3" rectangular gutter outlet comes with each rain head and provides an increased flow of water that is directed onto the angled primary screen.

The Leaf Eater® can also be mid-mounted on a wall at a convenient height to make it easier to access for cleaning. When mid-mounting, the gutter outlet is discarded and the entry downpipe is cut at 45°, allowing 2" clearance between the pipe and the primary screen.

About PVC sizes and compatibility:

The 3" Leaf Eater fits snugly inside a Schedule 40 (thick wall) PVC fitting such as a coupler or elbow. The outside dimension of the opening in the bottom of the filter is 3-1/2" - the same as the outside dimensions of Sch 40 PVC.

With regard to Schedule 80 (thin wall, sometimes called Sewer and Drain); both pipe sizes have the same inside dimension. The difference between the two is in the outside dimension due to wall thickness. As a general rule, a Schedule 80 fitting - such as a coupler or elbow - will fit inside the female opening of a Schedule 40 fitting which often makes a suitable conversion from thin wall to thick wall.