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Catch it. Store it. Use it.

We design, specify and deliver safe and effective supplemental water source systems.

About Us

Water has always been a hot-button issue throughout Colorado, from complex water rights history to restrictions on harvesting rainwater that falls on your property. It’s a vital resource that is invaluable to everyone, and it has to be protected for the benefit of future generations.

As of July 2009, the Colorado Legislature has provided a way for rural Colorado residents to capture rainwater from their rooftops. Now every time it rains, you can catch, store and use the rainwater that falls every year, saving you money and the hassle of trucking in hundreds of gallons of water annually.

The rainwater harvesting industry in Colorado is at its infancy, and information along with durable and reliable solutions needs to be offered to help regulators, designers and engineers to ensure that its benefits are brought to as wide a market as possible. The reputation of the industry and its products needs to be safeguarded.

That’s where Flxx® Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Equipment comes into the picture.

Enthusiastic environmentalists committed to green building and a sustainable future, Flxx® Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Equipment is a sister company of Front Range Precast Concrete and Transpan Bridges, Flxx® Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Equipment provides the same quality and attention to detail that Front Range Precast has provided since 1947.


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