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Catch It. Store It. Use It.


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Flxx® Rainwater Harvesting Systems & Equipment

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The concept of capturing rainwater and storing it for later use is well documented from pre-Roman times and on all major continents. In industrialized countries (until recently), the practice has died away with the introduction of reliable water supply mains.

Interactive Rainwater Harvesting Diagram

Rainwater Harvesting in Colorado

The rainwater harvesting industry in Colorado is at its infancy, and information along with durable and reliable solutions needs to be offered to help regulators, designers and engineers to ensure that its benefits are brought to as wide a market as possible. The reputation of the industry and its products needs to be safeguarded.

Rainwater Uses

Serving Rural Colorado and states across the Front Range, we provide complete effective rainwater harvesting solutions from design to installation to help capture rainfall for

  • Landscaping
  • Watering gardens
  • Flushing toilets
  • Washing Machines
  • Drinking water (with proper purification)

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Catchment Area, Rainfall Probability and Conveyance System

Rainwater harvesting depends on the efficiency of your roof and conveyance system. We have done the majority of the work for you. Click to see more info.

Filtration Products

Filtration levels required for your system depends greatly on use, and the equipment available. Click to visit our Products page and see the differences.

Overflow/Pest Prevention

This helps to prevent unintended contamination in your rainwater harvesting system. Click to learn more.

Storage Tanks, Inlets and Outlets

From RainKing Barrel Systems to thousands of gallons of underground storage, we have a solution to fit your needs. Click to see your options.

Delivery Systems

Pumps, controls, liquid level alarms are all pieces to the system that allow delivery of the water for its intended use. Click to see what we have to offer.